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Not-So-Recent Updates

This page will contain all the older updates to the site, in case you've been on a vacation of your own and missing some of the excitement from several weeks back.

22 Jul 2005 
If you haven't already, please welcome future world traveller Jackson Eaves. We'll be outfitting him with a backpack as soon as he's mobile.
14 Jul 2005 
We're back! Not that we ever really went anywhere...but this is just to let you know that a new photo gallery is all set up, with some teaser pics in anticipation of the big day (est. July 26). Please let us know what you think of the new layout!
14 Jan 2003 
Our wedding page has been expanded (and added to the main menu), and now includes information on our upcoming receptions.
18 Sep 2002 
No site update, aside from a few final tallies in the general statistics section...just a note that we've finally returned to our hometown, and updates will resume very soon, even as we're looking for a new place to live. So don't erase your bookmarks yet!
10 Aug 2002 
Less than two weeks till we're back in the USA! Meantime, our general statistics have been brought up-to-date (the photos are getting out of control), and a new poll to help us figure out what to do when we get home.
15 Jul 2002 
While the authorities still aren't blocking my website in China, here are some updated statistics, our final schedule, and a new poll.
26 Jun 2002 
Updated general and French Polynesia statistics, and a new poll.
6 Jun 2002 
Peruse our updated schedule, then help Erin in her naming quandry with the latest poll.
31 May 2002 
Your wait is over — we now have a special wedding page with links to the details, the stories, and (of course) the photos!
27 May 2002 
While the newly-married couple is off being newlyweds, we encourage you to read our writeup on horseback riding in Chile (one of our better ones, we think), and our strut around Valparaíso and Viña del Mar...both with bonus photos!
20 May 2002 
Enjoy our photos of Chile, and read about our driving trip through the southern half of Chile's Lakes Region.
13 May 2002 
After a long break from travelling and updating, we're back with new material for the site. We start off with photos from Bolivia and Argentina, and some updated statistics, as always. Look for some new features in the upcoming weeks, too!
15 Mar 2002 
We've rearranged the statistics section, adding information on Antarctica and Chile, as well as some nerd numbers for the geeks out there. There's also a new poll, and writeups on a tango show in Buenos Aires, as well as hiking in Tierra del Fuego and Torres del Paine.
7 Mar 2002 
A very long overdue update, starting with our photos from Peru — with nearly 150 pictures, you'll wind up knowing more about the Incans than most of our tour guides! Then move forward to Lake Titicaca with the story of our night of "roughing it" on Isla Taquile, into Bolivia with a writeup on the mines of Potosí, and eastward to Argentina, with our first impressions of Buenos Aires. We've also put up a new poll, and updated our statistics pages with new general stats, as well as the lowdown on Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina.
6 Feb 2002 
Short update: a new poll is ready and waiting.
26 Jan 2002 
Photos, photos, and more photos! We've added sections or Panama, Ecuador, and the Galapagos Islands (a big one!) There's also a new poll, and the site has been expanded to include new sections under the Home tab: about us (in case you didn't already know who we are), about the site (for first-timers and geeks alike), and a credits page, so we can give thanks where it's most due.
15 Jan 2002 
A new poll is available, celebrating the latest events, as are journal excerpts from our time in Southern Peru, featuring a trilogy of stories on Incan ruins at Machu Picchu, around Cusco, and along our journey to Puno.
13 Jan 2002 
As Argentina undergoes its historic economic changes, read our timely, first-hand, on-the-spot coverage of the surprises and chaos going on in this mad, mad country. You won't want to miss this story, because there's another surprise at the end....
8 Jan 2002 
If you tried to read our story on Cotopaxi mountain biking (or if you didn't — shame on you), an upload error caused half the writeup to be missing, so please try again! Also, a new feature: pictures in our writeups! We're going back and adding them to older writeups first (starting from November/Belize and onward), and new ones should start appearing much more visual. Lastly, a new poll is also available.
1 Jan 2002 
Ring in the new year with new photos from our time in Costa Rica. Then jump forward to Ecuador in order to share our oxygen-depriving experience of downhill biking, and find out just what went wrong in Quito.
20 Dec 2001 
Head back a few weeks and enjoy our photos from Guatemala, then break out your umbrella to hear about the four wettest days we've ever seen, at Corcovado National Park. After that, share the chaotic experience of Panama taxis, and unwind on the relaxing island of Bocas del Toro. If you have any energy left, see the latest statistics, and the latest poll. (Whew!)
4 Dec 2001 
We've posted several journal entries from Guatemala, including a mini-dissertation on how Guatemala has changed my perception of Latin America. Best of all, though, is the gripping story of endurance on our trek across the Panama border. Statistics on Costa Rica and Panama are also up.
27 Nov 2001 
Photos from Belize are now available, along with a new poll. (Also - sorry about the bizarre alert messages you may have been getting for the last few days. I've fixed that now.)
22 Nov 2001 
A couple of exciting journal entries on our journey to, and around, Monteverde. If you've ever considered driving in Costa Rica, read this first! Also, better late than never, Erin tells what it's like to SCUBA dive for the first time.
20 Nov 2001 
At long last, photos are finally available! We're still a little behind — only Mexico is available now — but we're catching up quickly, now that we've actually got the ball rolling. We've also added another writeup on getting around in Belize, and updated the statistics section with some Guatemala tidbits. Oh, and a new poll is up!
11 Nov 2001 
Quick update: Added a lengthy journal entry discussing our journey to and from Crooked Tree, Belize.
9 Nov 2001 
Find out about the sleepy town of San Pedro, where Keith and Erin spent most of their time in Belize. Some new statistics are up, and a new poll is also available, as are results from the older polls (sorry I left that out before!)
30 Oct 2001 
Thanks to everyone who responded to our polls! As a result, we've got a BIG update today! Three, count 'em, three writeups from Keith and Erin, including Keith's musings on Mexico, and some journal excerpts from Erin. We've also posted a new poll for this week, and started filling in the statistics section, so those of you at home keeping score can finally start cashing in your bets.
27 Oct 2001 
Adventures in Mexico, beginning and ending with a talk on security.
23 Oct 2001 
The weekly poll is now available! Actually, I can't promise it will be truly weekly, but it will certainly be a repeating occurrence, unless nobody votes, so go vote today!
18 Oct 2001 
Although we're just getting started on our trip, here in Mexico, we've uploaded one of our older writings from last week, in cowboy country. More stories to come soon!
2 Oct 2001 
We're off! Check out our first writeup from the road, and get more details on our journey in the FAQ section.
17 Sep 2001 
The second part of our "what we'll miss" installment is up, and Erin has graced us with her first installment in the Soapbox. More importantly, you can now read the where and why of our trip in the Journey section.
30 Aug 2001 
Find out some of the things we'll miss the most on our journey in the Writings section.
24 Aug 2001 
Well, we're down to less than five weeks, and the panic is beginning to overtake our eagerness. Some updates to the site, like the ability to send us an email, and to unsubscribe from our updates (don't take that as a hint), with actual reading material to be added soon!
20 Jul 2001 
You can now sign up to be notified by email whenever the site is updated. (It's sparse, but functional!)

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