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Our Wedding: Winding Down

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Note: Read about the spectacular wedding feast in the denoument of our wedding writeup.

Friendly Game of Pool — Keith and John wind down after the ceremony and pictures with a little bit of pool, though Keith doesn't fancy losing on his wedding day.
King and Queen — Posing on a giant chessboard. Cheesy, we know.
Frightful Trio — My God, look at those coiffes! (Not John's — his always looks that bad.)
Table for Four — Our dinner table for the evening: our very own raised platform overlooking beach and ocean to one side, the pool and gardens to the other.
At the Barung — In our cozy dinner nook, awaiting the arrival of our fabulous wedding feast.
Who Left Room? — After four separate dishes for appetizers, we're presented with a dozen sate skewers, four whole snappers, and four giant lobsters...enough food for forty people, let alone four!
The Grand Finale — It's hard to think of a better way to end the day than with a flaming chocolate pyramid full of homemade ice cream. Unsurprisingly, we didn't even notice there was fruit there until we got these pictures back.
See You Later! — We're back on the road now, but we look forward to seeing you again when it's time for the party!