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Prince Philip's Steps — Erin on Isla Genovesa (Tower Island), after climbing Prince Philip's Steps.
Cacti near Dragon Hill — A small island in the mangroves of Isla Santa Cruz (Indefatigable Island) is lush with tall, spindly cacti.
Death on Dragon Hill — Remnants of a former tourist who failed to heed his guide's warning to stay on the path. (Actually, it's more likely the remnants of a mountain goat after the hawks got at it.)
Isla Santa Cruz — (Indefatigable Island) View of the very desert-like island from Dragon Hill. In the summer months (around June), however, these trees are lush with vegetation.
Tagus Cove — A beautiful climb up an extinct volcano on Isla Isabela (Albemarle Island) yields this spectacular view of Tagus Cove (distant), and an inland lake.
Isla Isabela — Continuing up to the top of the volcano (Alcedo). Very little vegetation remains on this island, thanks to the introduction of mountain goats — now one of the biggest threats to endemic species throughout the Galapagos.
Isla Isabela — Desolate landscape on the other side of the island from Tagus Cove.
Tagus Cove — Unusual erosion in the rocks at Tagus Cove (great place for penguins or iguanas to hang out).

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