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Market Day at Otovalo   1 | 2 

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Always For Sale — The market at Otovalo is biggest on Saturdays, but even on the other days, the central plazas, squares, and lots are almost always filled with the same people. And, of course, it wouldn't be a proper capitalistic venture without a big, ugly Coca Cola logo somewhere. (The Nike swoosh is on the back of the little girl's dress.)
Textiles — Every kind of fabric, from curtains to tablecloths to baby clothes, can be found here, in just about any color imaginable.
Preparations — What looks like a bunch of prisoners getting exercise in the yard are actually vendors getting ready to secure their space for the next day.
Marking Space — Men in uniform (the market police?) measure distances with their footsteps, then indicate where the stalls will be erected for the next day.
Ready for Tomorrow — An indigenous woman heads home, now that she knows where she'll be set up to sell tomorrow.
Handball — A bunch of men play a form of handball on the side of the plaza.
Handball Return — A player smacks the handball back to the other side. The ball is about an inch and a half in diameter. Judging from the painful sound it makes when it hits somebody's palm — not to mention the look this guy has on his face — the ball is probably made of pure, solid rawhide.
Mountain View — Our hotel offered us a nice view of the mountains surrounding this valley from our balcony.

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