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Note: For more information about these pictures — which will help explain a lot — read our story on surprises and chaos in Argentina.

On the way to Garganta del Diablo — About half a kilometer of raised metal walkways connect the land with a viewing platform over the most spectacular sight in the park, Devil's Throat. Erin's smiling now, but wait till you see her in thirty minutes time.
Devil's Spit? — The enormous falls of Devil's Throat loom just over the trees; the volume of water is so high, mist rises hundreds of feet from the bottom to where we're about to stand. On a day where the temperature is in the upper 90s, this actually works out well.
Top of the Throat — Once, thousands of years ago, everything here was flat. Then a massive volcanic eruption causes the earth to split, and a huge chunk of riverbed fell into it. The river then changed direction, spilling into the crack, and it's been growing deeper and wider ever since. When viewed from the air, it looks like someone took a giant bite out of the side of a river.
Garganta del Diablo — The entire Garganta del Diablo falls — or at least the part not obscured by a permanent cloud of mist — viewed from a boat along the river below (more on that part later). Another boat races toward us right up the middle, giving a sense of the size of the falls.
Keith with a Secret — With the torrential flows of Garganta in the background, Keith smiles, as he knows what's coming next.
Garganta del Diablo — The "Devil's Gorge" of Iguazu Falls, straddling the border of Argentina and Brazil (just off to the left). We didn't see the Brazilian side, because we were afraid to deal with yet another currency (not to mention the fact that their visitor's center is much uglier than Argentina's).
Why Is Erin Smiling? — It could have something to do with what Keith said to her, moments before....
Rainbow in the Mist — A rainbow forms in the dense mist obscuring the distant bottom of the falls.

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